Here are testimonials from past clients and commissioners:

Kaorien puts a massive amount of effort into her work. Through countless revisions (due to my own changing ideas), she crafted beautiful artwork that has done an incredible job helping me market my work. I've received a lot of positive comments about my book's cover. I've worked with her numerous times, and I'll always be happy to be able to work with her again.

Morgan Bauman, author of the Rewritten series

As a professional graphic designer, I have to give Kaorien a lot of credit for the attention to detail and effort that she puts into her compositions. Not only can she take an idea on paper and create an incredible, vivid piece of artwork, but she's willing to make the concept her own while keeping faithful to the producer's original vision. I've been very blessed to work with her on several occasions and definitely recommend her for any creative endeavor.

Jason, executive producer of Bokki Studios

If you've commissioned me before and would like to make a testimonial, feel free to send me a message!